Review Policy

Do I accept books for review?


What genres?

I usually prefer reading: Thrillers, Mystery novels, Fantasy, Historical Fiction, LGBTQ+, YA, Contemporary and Sci-Fi.

In what format?

I do prefer physical copies. As for e-books, I accept PDF, Kindle or epub format.

How long do I need to read and review the book?

It all depends on how much time I have. As a student, there are periods where it is impossible to read every day. Therefore my time frame would be 2-5 weeks.

My rating system

You can find it here

In case something is not clear with this rating system or you don’t understand it. Feel free to contact me.

Where do I post the reviews?

Here on my blog and on Goodreads (My account)


You can contact me under

UPDATE: As I get a lot of review inquiries lately I’ll only respond to those that I’m really interested to read!

I decided that I would only review books that I gave a rating of at least 3/5!