Forbidden Warriors by Moud Adel |e-ARC Review |Breakeven Books Book Tour

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Today is my stop in the „The Forbidden Warriors“ book tour and I have a review for you guys!

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Mastoperia: A hidden continent with four factions divided and suspicious of each other, with a history of unresolved wars, each grounding themselves in their own unique culture, and magical power.

The Forbidden Warriors: The only force powerful enough to keep the factions from destroying one another. The secret to their power is a mystery, but the only way to hold on to it is by passing the power to a new generation every two and a half centuries.

As that time has arrived, each faction must offer a candidate to become the next generation of the Forbidden Warriors, but only one can be the leader. In a race for that leadership position, four candidates and their teams travel across a world mysterious to them, to hunt artifacts they know nothing about. The mission is not easy, their goals are not aligned, and the truth is far bigger than they could have imagined. A challenge none were ready for. Will they choose their own interests, their factions’ or defy all that they know for the sake of their world.

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Title – The Forbidden Warriors
Author – Moud Adel
Publisher – Mastoperia Books
Series – The Forbidden #1
Genre – Fantasy
Release date – November 15th, 2019

Trigger Warning – Violence
Pages – 368
Version – ebook*
Language – English

When I got the mail from Erik at Breakeven Books I knew that I had to participate in this book tour. The synopsis sounded interesting and I have to say that the book did not disappoint me.

What I liked

First of all I appreciated the fact, that the chapters were so short. Which means that the book didn‘t take all my time to finish it. I prefer shorter chapters to longer ones because a) I can easily take breaks and b) the books is much more fast-paced which you know is my cup of tea. Longer chapters are a pain in my … (you know what I mean!) because I hate to stop reading in the middle of the chapter so thank you Moud Adel for having short chapters in The Forbidden Warriors.

It was pretty easy to get into this book. The writing style was easy and the world building was pretty amazing. The Forbidden Warriors is an amazing and unique book that you should read!

What I didn‘t like

The multiple POVS kind of messed with me during the whole reading experience. Usually I don‘t have problems with multiple POVs but here we probably had a bit too many.

Favourite Character

I didn‘t have one.

Overall, The Forbidden Warriors didn‘t disappoint. If you like books with a premise like this one has. Then this book is going to be your next read. Now I‘m hooked for the second book in the series!


Moud is an Egyptologist with a special passion for world building. He can live for days inside his head, surrounded only by his imagination, and ignoring all life basics. However, when he is back in the real world, he likes to watch movies, cook, dance, and play as many card games as possible with his friends because he doesn’t shy away from showing his competitive side.

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This was everything for this review. What about you? Are you interested in reading this book in the future? Please let me know in the comments below!

*A review copy of this book was sent to me by Breakeven Books in exchange for an honest review! All thoughts were my own. Thanks to Breakeven Books for including me in this tour!

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