Down the TBR Hole |#35

Hello everyone, welcome back to my blog.  

Today is another day for a Down the TBR Hole. How was your day so far? I hope good! Can you believe it? I didn‘t post a DTH since like forever! 😱

The Down the TBR meme was created by Lia (Lost in a Story). Go check out her blog if you haven’t already! You’re probably wondering how this works but it’s actually pretty easy:

  • Go to your Goodreads to-read shelf.
  • Order on ascending date added.
  • Take the first 5 or 10 books (or even more if you’re feeling motivated enough). And of course, if you’re doing this weekly you’ll start where you left off the week before. 
  • Read the synopses of the books.
  • Decide: keep it or toss it! 

And now without further ado, let’s do this!

Last time on my shelf – 1432
Currently on my shelf – 1429

#1 – Durch Mark und BeinTemperance Brennan #4 – Kathy Reichs – Link to Goodreads

I’m having a copy of it at home so it will stay on the list!

Decision – KEEP!

#2 – KnochenarbeitTemperance Brennan #2 – Kathy Reichs – Link to Goodreads

Same reason as above! I have this on my TBR for ages now!

Decision – KEEP!

#3 – Heartland Doppelband #5 – Lauren Brooke – Link to Goodreads

I have this one as well.

Decision – KEEP!

#4 – Northanger AbbeyThe Austen Project #2 – Val McDermid – Link to Goodreads

As the following books are all on my shelf at home. I will keep this one as well.

Decision – KEEP!

#5 – Bin isch Freak, oda was?! – Philip Möller – Link to Goodreads

It stays.

Decision – KEEP! 

#6 – Das Chaos hat einen Namen – Catherine Alliott – Link to Goodreads

I can‘t remember owning this one but for now it stays!

Decision – KEEP!

#7 – Le Petit Nicolas– René Goscinny – Link to Goodreads

I don‘t care if it‘s for children but I do own it and it‘s short so it stays!

Decision – KEEP! 

#8 – Un jour – David Nicholls – Link to Goodreads

I started this one when I bought it years ago, but I never managed to finish it. Maybe now is the time to do so?

Decision – KEEP!

#9 – Maigret tend un piège Georges Simenon – Link to Goodreads

I already own it. So I don’t have much of a choice.

Decision – KEEP! 

#10 – Cheval de guerre – Michael Morpurgo – Link to Goodreads

I‘ve cried so much during the film. I tried reading the book but it just didn‘t work out for me. Maybe it was because I already knew what would happen? But I will give this one another try!

Decision – KEEP!

#11 – Where We Belong– Emily Giffin – Link to Goodreads

I‘ve already tried reading this one but I kind of wasn‘t in the mood for it. Definitely need to read it again!

Decision – KEEP!

#12 – Oktoberfest– Sobo Swobodnik – Link to Goodreads

I will read you!!!

Decision – KEEP!

#13 – The Expats – Chris Pavone – Link to Goodreads

Same as above!

Decision – KEEP!

#14 – Lasst Knochen sprechen – Temperance Brennan #3 – Kathy Reichs – Lin to Goodreads

I love that series so I will definitely keep this book.

Decision – KEEP!

#15 – La Nuit du Renard – Mary Higgins Clark – Link to Goodreads

I have this one sitting on my TBR for ages so it stays as well.

Decision – KEEP!

#16 – The Hobbit J.R.R. Tolkien – Link to Goodreads

I absolutely need to read this one. But I just can‘t get past that bloody first page!!!

Decision – KEEP!

#17 – The Calling – Endgame #1 – James Frey – Link to Goodreads

I so want to read this!

Decision – KEEP!

#18 – Leviathan Wakes – James S.A. Corey – Link to Goodreads

Doesn‘t interest me anymore so it goes!

Decision – GO!

#19 – RoseBlood A.G. Howard – Link to Goodreads

Same as above!

Decision – GO!

#20 – Air Awakens – Elise Kova – Link to Goodreads

I already have a copy of it. It stays!

Decision – KEEP!

Total number of books kept – 18
Total number of books that had to go – 2
Total number on my to-read shelf – 1427

Like I said there were a lot of books that I already owned. And that’s the reason why I got rid of only 2 books.

How about you? How are you doing with your Down the TBR? Please let me know in the comments below! 

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