Countdown to Omega by Robert Wingfield |Blog Tour |Spotlight + Excerpt


Ancient Aliens meet Greek gods in an epic confrontation that spells the end of the world.
“The strangers came, and they were not like us. Something else, but wearing the skins of men, the eyes of men, their hands…” Ishur Ninku, Sumer, 4000 BCE
On a paradise planet, on the far side of the sun, Anthea, cast out of an isolated colony of refugees, shelters from a firestorm of meteorites. The Gods are returning, the vanguard of a race who were abandoned by her own elders millennia ago. Their arrival triggers a countdown on an alien artefact, given to her as a child, and a chain of events that can only lead to deadly conflict.
Anthea’s amulet holds the key to salvation, or her own death, but will the elders and the Gods listen to reason before the planet is devastated?

Title – Countdown to Omega
Author – Robert Wingfield
Genre – Science Fiction
Publication date – August 19th, 2019

(Countdown to Omega is available as e-book, paperback, and on Kindle Unlimited)

Robert Wingfield was born at an early age, worked in computer systems and security at a large bank, and got out as soon as possible to follow his passion for the written word.
He writes a mass of different genres, including for young adults, gothic horror, science fiction, travel, general satire and ghost stories.
He is actively helping a number of authors and small publishers with editing and formatting works in paper and e-book format.
He runs the Inca Project, a small group of authors who are struggling to get their works recognised, to get the maximum impact through presentation.
His other interests include digital forensics, nature and building conservation, photography, and resisting emotional blackmail from his Labrador.





November 13, 2019 

Guest appearance to groups of potential authors along with authors Rob Gregson and Andy Chapman.

Heysham Public Library (LA3 2BJ) 13:00-15:00

The Harris Museum and Library, Preston (PR1 2PP) 18:00-20:00

Robert Wingfield, Leader of the Inca Project, talking about the process of self-publishing, and the many options available. There will be examples of the books and the print quality to expect, as well as tips and links.

Rob Gregson, published author of Shelf Life, The Book of Better Endings, talking about the long road to acceptance and the creative process. A short reading from the book.

Andy Chapman to talk about his own experiences and his publishing processes as well as audio book production.

Q&A and book signing after the presentation.

Excerpt Chapter 8 – Exist On – Eta

On the smooth warm rock, Anthea hugged her knees under her chin. “There must be another way.”
“What about contacting the mendicants?” Cassandra spoke after a long pause.
“Amongst the tribes out in the mountains, there is a group led by a dark-skinned man…”
“Cadmus,” Iphestos put in. “He came up from the south somewhere, and has collected a following. He visited me a number of times, asking about the people across the river.”
“You might be able to get help from him.” Cassandra nodded.
“And what about the hominids? I was told there were hordes of them roaming the mountains.” Anthea glanced around nervously.
The Gaian smiled. “If there were any around here, they must have died out many cycles ago. We have seen or heard nothing of such a people. No, your biggest problem out here will be persuading Cadmus to follow you.”
“There must be some other way?”
“You want to rescue your friends; you will need outside help.”
“But they are your people as well.”
Iphestos shrugged. “They knew the risks. There will be trouble when my people arrive, if they have been harmed.”
“More than having the planet purged around them?”
“I suppose not, but that is how it is with inferior species.”
“You seem very callous.”
“I am being realistic. What do you think they will do to me, if Phoebus and Diana have been unable to influence them? Why should I risk my life as well? Despite my reservations, you will need a show of force to have any effect.”
“I suppose you are right. I should try, at least.” She appealed to the twins. “Will you come with me to talk to Cadmus?”
They exchanged glances. “No,” said Helen. “We will not leave our lord unprotected.”
“Then will you come?” Anthea challenged the Gaian, who was gazing absently towards the end of the lake. He swept his gaze upon her, and she began to understand why the twins had been beguiled. His presence was godlike, and the power of his mind drew strange pictures in hers. He blinked, and the spell was broken as he spoke aloud.
“I will give you directions to where I last knew of him, but I cannot journey with you. My place is here.”
The man looked bemused.
“My lord does not need to explain himself,” said Helen indignantly. “He is a god.”
“He moves in mysterious ways,” added Cassandra. “His decisions are right always. If he says he cannot come, then he has his reasons.”
“I only asked.” Anthea glanced nervously at the expression on Helen’s face.
“You do not challenge a god,” said the girl. “Do not forget that, or next time you might feel my sword in your digestive tract, just to the right of the hepatic flexure.”
“Girls, girls.” Iphestos held his hands up. “Please remember that Anthea is our guest. I told you after that last incident, it is poor hospitality to murder your visitors…”

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