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Today is my stop in the Truly Madly Royally blog tour and I’m having a review for you guys plus some quotes, so stay tuned for these!

And now without further ado let’s start.

Goodreads Synopsis:

Fiercely independent and smart, Zora Emerson wants to change the world. She’s excited to be attending a prestigious summer program, even if she feels out of place among her privileged, mostly white classmates. So she’s definitely not expecting to feel a connection to Owen, who’s an actual prince of an island off the coast of England. But Owen is funny, charming…and undeniably cute. Zora can’t ignore the chemistry between them. When Owen invites Zora to be his date at his big brother’s big royal wedding, Zora is suddenly thrust into the spotlight, along with her family and friends. Everyone is talking about her, in real life and online, and while Owen is used to the scrutiny, Zora’s not sure it’s something she can live with. Can she maintain her sense of self while moving between two very different worlds? And can her feelings for Owen survive and thrive in the midst of the crazy? Find out in this charming romantic comedy that’s like The Princess Diaries for a new generation.

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Title – Truly Madly Royally
Author – Debbie Rigaud
Publisher – Point
Release Date – July 30th 2019
Genre – Contemporary/Romance/Young Adult

Trigger Warning -harassment
– English
Version – ebook*

What I liked

Truly Madly Royally is the PERFECT summer read of the year. It’s an adorable and cute book about Zora and Owen. A normal black girl from New Jersey and a white royal prince from Landerel. I loved the fact that Truly Madly Royally was a fresh story about an interracial couple. Reading about interracial couples is rare especially in the royal romance books. It was definitely refreshing.
I have to say that Truly Madly Royally reminded me a lot of Meghan and Harry. Especially because Owen is also a ginger. This book did not only remind me of Meghan and Harry but also of the Princess Diaries series by Meg Cabot which I loved to read ten years back. They were my favourite series of all time for a very long time. And even today these books have a special place in my heart. Truly Madly Royally is exactly the same. I loved every single moment of it and I’m pretty certain that it’s going to have a very special place in my heart as well!
Rigaud has a great writing style which unfortunately makes you thirsty for more. I couldn’t even put the book down for a minute! And now I want a sequel even though I think that the ending was perfect as it was. But I’m selfish and I want more!
Truly Madly Royally is also a fast-paced novel which makes it easy and quick to read.
Like I mentioned early it is a fluffy and perfcect read for hot weather like the one we had now.

What I didn’t like

Everything was great!

Favourite Character


Overall, I’d recommend this novel to everyone. Young and old. If you loved the Princess Diaries series by Meg Cabot you will love this book as well. It is the perfect summer book!

Favourite Quotes:

“Whoa, that’s like coming straight out the womb Beyoncé,”

“My surprised-to-see you expression isn’t going to win any acting awards but I give it a try.”

“And then, WOOKA-WHOOSH, …”

“Like freshly braided hair, our laughter and the summer sounds of the garden we’re in interweave neatly.”

“Romantic hugs are so underrated.”

“”Beautiful view”, I say when I shouldn’t have said a thing.”

“I close my eyes and prepare to feel his kiss, when a dog barks behind us.”

“No matter what you tell yourself, words offend.”

“And right on cue, here’s my iron horse and carriage coming to take me back to my kingdom where I belong.”

“Dresses with pockets are the dopest kinds.”

“New Jersey Transit is no Hogwarts Express, but it’s magical in its own dysfunctional way.”

“Abby breaks out a loud giggle-snort, and then keeps cool and carries on as if snorting is as mundane and everyday as sneezing or coughing.”





Google Books:


YA author Debbie M. Rigaud began her writing career covering news and entertainment for magazines. She’s interviewed celebs, politicians, social figures and “real” girls. Her writing has appeared in Seventeen, CosmoGIRL!, Essence, J-14, Trace, Heart&Soul and Vibe Vixen, to name a few. Her first YA fiction writing was published in the anthology HALLWAY DIARIES (KimaniTru Press/September 2007). Her first standalone YA book–a Simon Pulse romantic comedy titled PERFECT SHOT–is due out in the Fall of 2009







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Prize: Win (1) of (2) copies of TRULY MADLY ROYALLY by Debbie Rigaud (US Only)

Starts: 24thJuly 2019

Ends: 7thAugust 2019

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And this was everything for this blog post. Will you read this book in the future? Please let me know in the comments below!

*a review copy of this book was sent to me by the publisher and Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts are my own!

Thanks to the FFBC Team for including me in this tour.

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