OWLs Readathon |Week 2

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog! How are you today? I hope you’re good.

Today I’m back with my weekly wrapup for the OWLs readathon.
Here is my TBR & here you can find my wrapup for week 1.

Day 8

I listened to Black Leopard, Red Wolf and I’m making some progress. Even though it’s very small. I’m currently at 29% and have 16 hrs left. We’re slowly seeing the end of it xD

I also continued with Disgrace and it keeps getting better.

Day 9

Same as usual read Black Leopard, Red Wolf and I’m already at 40% so we are really making more progress there. Same goes for Disgrace. I don’t know how many percents I’m in but I know that I already read 100 pages.

Day 10

I didn’t have much time to listen to BL,RW but I made some progress with Disgrace. I only have 100 pages left so I hope that I’m able to finish it by tomorrow. I guess that for now, it will be a 3.5 – 4-star rating. I was right with my first deduction of the cover. There has been violence towards dogs. It’s not the main plot but it happened so Trigger Warning for you if you want to read Disgrace: animal killed with a gun. A woman also got raped but there were no details. The main character deduces that that woman got raped but she doesn’t say anything about it and denies that something happened. The reader knows that it happened but apart from being mentioned we don’t get the details but I still prefer to mention that there is mention of rape just in case it triggers you.

Day 11

As I predicted If finished Disgrace. In the end, it was only a 3-star rating for me and my review will be posted later today. I also made some small progress with Black Leopard, Red Wolf.

Day 12

I’ve listened to BL,RW for an hour before falling asleep and I started with Wildcard by Marie Lu for my Potions exam. Wildcard kind of disappoints me so far. Warcross was better but I’m only 60 pages in so let’s hope that it will get better.

Day 13

I thought that I would read a bit in the books that I’m currently reading for my OWLs but in the end, I didn’t pick any of those books up. I read a bit but none of the books that I need to for this challenge.

Day 14

Today I made some progress with my Potions book (Wildcard by Marie Lu). It gets better but I think that it won’t beat Warcross. I’m not hooked. But I will continue reading it because I want to know how the story is going to end. I made no progress with Black Leopard, Red Wolf.

Progress so far:

Books read: 1/4
Pages read:
📙 Disgrace – 220/220 ✔️
📙 Wildcard – 104/342
📙 Black Leopard, Red Wolf – 51% & 11 hours left
📙 Truly Devious – 0%
OWLs: 1/4
📙 Care of Magical Creatures ✔️
📙 Potions
📙 Charms
📙 Herbology

What about you? How is your journey going on? How many OWLs have you already completed? Please let me know in the comments below!

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