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Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog! Today is my stop in the “Song of Sacrifice Blog Tour” organized by XpressoTours. You can view the full schedule here. And now without further ado let’s start with the review.


Synopsis provided by the author:

The heart of the Trojan War belongs to the women.
Mothers and daughters; wives and war prizes, whisper to us across time…
…remember our songs alongside the mighty men of myth.

As the Age of Heroes wanes, the gods gamble more fiercely with mortals’ lives than they ever have before. Women must rely on their inner strength and cunning to survive the wars men wage for gold and glory.

Clytemnestra of Mycenae struggles for control of her life after Agamemnon ruthlessly rips it apart. Leda of Sparta survives a brutal assault by Zeus, shouldering a terrible secret in silence. Penelope raises Ithaka’s sole heir alone, praying for Odysseus’ swift return. Thetis, the sea nymph, despairs of her son’s destiny and resorts to forbidden magic to save him. Hecuba of Troy mourns the loss of her second son to a dark prophesy. And Shavash of Pedasus prepares her daughter to marry the greatest warrior who ever lived.

In a world where love leads to war and duty leads to destruction, the iron hearts of heroines will conquer all.

Sing, Muse, sing their song of sacrifice…

Replaces Song of Princes as the first book in the Homeric Chronicles.

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Author – Janell Rhiannon

Title – Song of Sacrifice

Publisher – Self-published I believe

Publication date – December 26th, 2018

Pages – 426

Special features – in the end of the book, the author gives you more details on her characters

Price – 3.39$ (kindle)

Series – Homeric Chronicles #1

Version – ebook*

Genre – Adult/Fantasy/Historical Fiction

Trigger Warning – Violence, Rape

Language – English


# What I liked

First of all, I really loved Rhiannon’s writing style. It was perfect! The description was on point, not too much detail but still enough for the reader to understand what is currently going on in the story. Being a big mythology fan I’m always a bit critical with these books but the author did great work. I’m definitely no expert in mythology and only have the basic knowledge so I can’t say for a hundred percent if everything was accurate but I think that it was. Accurate I mean.

Rhiannon’s descriptions were so great, that sometimes I had the feeling to be in the story myself. I could imagine everything so perfectly. It was really great! My expectations of a great reading experience were satisfied!

The advancement in the story was perfect as well. What do I mean with advancement? For me, that is the pace of the book. It was fast-paced and that is what I like in a book. The chapters were not very long and the end of the chapters always made you want to continue. Another thing I liked was the fact that the author put timestamps at the beginning of every chapter. We knew exactly how much time has passed from one chapter to another and we aren’t left off being confused. You can’t even imagine how often I am confused in books because months have passed and the reader didn’t get that information at the beginning of a chapter. It happens a lot and I’m glad that it wasn’t the case of “Song of Sacrifice“.

# What I disliked

Let’s move on to the things I didn’t like so much. There are only two things that annoyed me a bit. And it’s only things that disturbed my personal reading experiences or made me ask questions throughout the whole book. So probably it won’t even be a problem for you.

First of all the Pregnancies. There are some sex scenes in this book and literally, every time characters have sex the women already know that they are pregnant. I mean how can you know that the minute you are done? I mean a few days after the act some women already know that they are pregnant but the same day of the intercourse? So yeah that made me ask some questions. And it annoyed me a bit. But I know that at that time things were different and women got a lot of kids so maybe with a bit of experience you can already tell if you are pregnant again or not but still that totally confused me. It wasn’t very logical for me but then again I’m not in the body of these people or the author and I’ve never been pregnant in my life so who am I to judge?

Another thing that annoyed me a bit was the fact that there were too many characters. In the end, you were confused because you forgot the relationships between all the characters. There were so many characters in this book that I don’t even remember the names of them all. And I’ve only finished the book yesterday.

# Favourite Character

None! There were way too many characters.

Where to buy


In graduate school, Janell focused on the ancient history of Greece and Rome. Hooked by the “sword and sandal” world, she studied everything she could about mythology and Alexander the Great.

The Homeric Chronicles series is dedicated to merging dozens of Greek myths, including Homer’s epics, with plays, history, and archaeology. Her intent is to raise the heroines’ voices equally alongside the heroes, opening up a traditionally male focused genre to a female audience.

She lives in CA and enjoys spending time with her children and grandchildren. She has a pack of two big dogs and two cats.

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Have you already read Song of Sacrifice? Or do you plan on reading the book in the future? Please let me know in the comments below! And please don’t forget to check out the other stops of this blog tour. (LINK)

In case you want a review copy of this book, you can find it here.

*a review copy of this book was sent to me by the author/organizer of the tour in exchange for an honest review!

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