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Today is my stop for the “Breachers” Blog tour and I have a review and an excerpt for you guys!


Breachers Ebook-6Jason Conners is the last person you’d expect to run into a burning building, unless of course there was something inside worth stealing. Call him what you want: criminal, thief, asshole, but hero? Absolutely not. Jason’s questionable behavior and disturbing antics can only be attributed to one secret.

He can change the future, but with great power comes great responsibility? Hell no. His ability makes him the best thief in the city, and nothing is off-limits. Until Jason’s carefree attitude gains the attention of the Rogues, and the government.

 The Rogues want him to stop catastrophic events from taking place, and the government has their own agenda. When the hunt begins, Jason is caught in the crosshairs and learns that breaching is not as limitless as he thought.

Can this anti-hero give up a life of easy money and become the savior the Rogues need, or will it cost him everything—even his immortality?


Author – Anthony Thomas

Title – Breachers

Publisher – Fiery Seas Publishing

Publication date – September 18th, 2018

Pages – 225

Price – 7.94$ (ebook version)

Series – /

Version – ebook*

Genre – Science Fiction

Trigger Warning – swearing, abuse, death, violence, murder, experimentations on human beings

Language – English

My Rating – 📖📖📖 1/2


# What I liked

What I (probably) liked the most in Breachers, was the interesting twists that the book had to offer. Some things in the story were predictable, there were, however, a few things which weren’t expected and these things were, for me, honestly mind-blowing!

Another thing I liked was the change that Breachers had to offer. You’re probably wondering what I mean with change. This novel is mainly a science fiction book but not only! Personally, I also think that you can qualify it as a thriller book mainly set in the sci-fi genre. And that’s already one thing that’s refreshing. But another refreshing change was that the main character in this book can breach. Which means that he is able to resuscitate after every death. Which is kinda cool and I  don’t know (at least there’s no book that I can think of right now) any books where the main character can do that automatically. (So if you know any please let me know!)

The writing was fantastic. I have to admit that there were some things that irritated me but I honestly can’t criticize the writing that much. There was also the perfect amount of details that a book should have without losing the reader throughout the book because there isn’t enough detail and without annoying the reader because there’s too much of it.

# What I disliked

First of all, Breachers was way too predictable. Most of the time I knew exactly what was going to happen and in the end that was kind of annoying. Especially because the end was so great and the beginning was a bit average as you could already predict what was going to happen. Therefore just in case you pick up the book, read it until the very end! It’s going to be worth it, I promise!

Another thing that irritated me in this science-fiction novel was, that some of the chapters always ended with the same word and it honestly annoyed the heck out of me. Don’t get me wrong, I liked Breachers but mostly the main reason why I gave it an average rating was because of the things that got on my nerves the most. The main cause of that average rating was, therefore, the word that got repeated the most at the end of chapters.

# Favourite Character


Overall, I liked this book but there were just too many factors that made me give it only 3  1/2 stars instead of 4. Breachers is really a good book but unfortunately, it wasn’t exactly my “thing”! However, I recommend you to try it because it was still a good reading experience and everyone should make their own opinion on a book. It’s not because I didn’t love a book that much, that you should come to the same conclusion.

I recommend it to every science fiction lover who likes when there are some aspects of the thriller genre in the book as well next to sci-fi and to the people who like a not so typical sci-fi/thriller book.


Excerpt from Chapter 4

“What, Wilson?”

“I have his address. Where are you?”

“Ninth and Eastman.” I exhale the last drag, drop the burning filter to the sidewalk, and snuff out the butt with my heel.

His keyboard swipes cut through the phone. “Okay. Take the next bus and get off on Centennial.”

I glance at the bus stop on the corner. It’s filled with trash, and I don’t mean the homeless people and prostitutes. As I walk over, I’m thrown to the leopard-print wolves. The skirts are so short, I get front row tickets to a show I wish I hadn’t gone to.

“Hey, cutie,” says a blonde with far too much makeup, and a distinct stagger in her heels. “For you, I can go half price.”

“Hi, there, darlin’,” I respond with a southern tick, and sling my arm over her shoulder. The cash stuffed in her bra is poking out, crumpled ones and fives ripe for the picking. “Do you know where the nearest gas station is?”

She lifts a shaky hand and points down the street, her head bobbing all over the place. She’s either drunk, high, or both. Perfect. I tug the bills at the corner and slip them in my sleeve. She doesn’t even notice the money sliding. Could be drugs, or that the numbness has yet to wear off on her newly acquired bust.

“Thanks, ladies.” I rub a hand on the small of her back and widen my grin. “Sorry. Can’t play tonight.”

They all groan in unison, like the wailing of a ghost.

Blondie adjusts her undersized bra, pauses, and gropes her chest. She digs inside, searching for the twenty hard-earned on her knees in an alley. Her chalky white face twists. “Hey, this asshole stole my money.”

I click my tongue on the roof of my mouth and wink. “Thanks again.” Press-on nails reach out to snatch my jacket, but I evade her clutches and rush down the sidewalk, a scuffle of heels tapping after me.

“Tony, that guy has my money!” she screams.

Crisp, almost icy wind forces back my hood, and I laugh with the occasional look over my shoulder. There’s no way they could stop me, even if they were sober. A massive shadow steps out from the alleyway ahead, pear-shaped, and wide enough to block off the entire sidewalk. He pulls a butterfly knife from his pocket, flips it in his hand until the blade is exposed, and takes pavement-shuddering steps toward me.

I lift my fists and shield my face. He thrusts the knife forward, narrowly missing my chest. It isn’t difficult to stop someone more than twice your size; everyone has a weakness to exploit. A swift jab to the throat and a well-placed knee to the junk drop him to the cement with ease. He clutches his neck and chokes while his body topples over.

“See ya later, Tony.” I dash away and sift through the bills in my hand. “Twenty-six dollars? Jesus, what has happened to this economy?” I stuff the cash in my pocket and pull out my headset. “Wilson? Wilson! Put your dick away and find me a different route.”

“Wilson’s not here right now,” he replies. “Please go fuck yourself and try again later.”

“I’m at Sixth and Eastman. Where the hell do I go now?”

“I told you to get on the bus. Wait, why are you running? Did you steal from a hooker again?”

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Anthony_thomasAnthony Thomas settled in the city of sin, though part of him will always remain in the small farming town in Northern California. When he’s not hunched over a keyboard, Anthony enjoys spending time with his wife, daughter and two dogs. 

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Have you read Breachers or do you plan on reading it? Please let me know in the comments below!

* An e-ARC of this book was sent to me by the publisher in exchange for an honest review! 

The cover, author picture and information were sent to me by the publisher! 

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