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Today is my stop in the “Scourge” Blog tour and I have a review and an exciting excerpt for you!



scourge ebook14235354..jpgFinancially independent, biochemistry genius Stacy Romani grows up off the grid, while her Roma family takes advantage of her knowledge for their own gain.

 Watching his family farm struggle, and traumatized by mass slaughter, Aatos Pires wants to heal animals but gets seduced by industry and goes to work for a big pharmaceutical company.

 When Aatos’ co-worker Trinity creates a deadly doomsday virus, it puts the world population in jeopardy as it spreads exponentially. . .with no cure in sight.

 Stacy and Aatos work alone to find a cure, as the CDC and FBI close in. Will they find a way to stop the plague or will it be the end of the world?


Author – Charley Pearson

Title – Scourge

Publisher – Fiery Seas Publishing

Publication date – August 14th, 2018

Pages – 285

Price – 8.01$ (kindle)

Series – /

Version – ebook*

Genre – Medical Thriller

Trigger Warning – abuse, death, violence, sickness

Language – English

My Rating – 📖📖📖📖


I was asked by Fiery Seas if I wanted to review their newest release “Scourge” by Charley Pearson and I gladly said yes! I already did a cover reveal a few months back and I honestly can’t tell you how much I love it! The colours are so pretty and the reader can immediately identify what type of genre this book is! I have to say, that I don’t read that many medical thrillers as I understand nothing! I find them passionating and exhausting at the same time. I don’t know if this makes some sense? Hence, therefore, I usually don’t read medical thrillers that often. However, I decided to read this book because a) the synopsis was so intriguing and b) THAT COVER!!!!!!

And I have to admit that the book didn’t disappoint me! I had my problems with the specific medical terms but hey, the story was still enjoyable!

So now without further ado let’s start with the review!

# What I liked

Scourge” had some exciting and interesting stuff. I usually prefer watching medical thriller shows where we get to see how the world is evolving after a big epidemic because they are ordinarily easily understandable. In this novel, it honestly didn’t disturb me that much that I couldn’t visualize the things, aka medical terms,  that I didn’t know because the story was still understandable without the whole thing. As I know that this sentence doesn’t make much sense I’ll try to explain it through an example. Let’s say that you are learning a new language and your level is good enough to read a novel in that foreign language. You happen to read a word that you don’t know but while continuing in the chapter you start to understand the context and the meaning of that word or sentence without having to check in the dictionary. And this is what happened to me while reading “Scourge“.

I really found it interesting to see the different time stamps (Is this even the right word for it?) at the beginning of every chapter. It is really helpful for the reader to get situated in the book and to better understand what’s going on.

Another thing I found really great was that this book has very short chapters (at least some short chapters) and that you can get through it very quickly. At the beginning the action is a bit slow and to be honest there’s not much happening but then very soon after the first chapters, it starts to become action-packed.


# What I disliked

One thing that could be disliked by some of you but which hasn’t bothered me that much is the medical terminology which is a bit difficult most of the times. Unless you’re working in that field or doing medical studies. But for the other people, it might be a bit tough to understand.

What really confused me, however, were the different point of views. I usually don’t have my problems with different P.O.Vs in a book but I did have some troubles with this one. I don’t know why as this book is written in the third person. I have to say that I prefer when the name of the character is written at the beginning of the chapter so that you don’t have to worry and ask yourself whos P.O.V. you’re currently reading. But this is honestly only a minor thing!

Another minor thing I didn’t like was the romance. Why do we need to have in every single book a love story? I’m kind of getting sick of love stories in thrillers or other genres in general. The only genre I don’t mind when there’s some cheesy romance is in contemporary novels. But again these are my own thoughts! It is not because I didn’t like these parts that much (and there weren’t many romantic scenes, to be honest) that you have to dislike them as well.

# Favourite Character

Valerie & Aatos

Overall, I’d really recommend this book to everyone who likes a good scientific intrigue and who also likes to read with anticipation what’s going to happen next. And if the world can be saved! Furthermore, you won’t be disappointed.


An ambulance screamed out of the dark to the brightly lit entrance of the mid-sized urban hospital. The wailing siren sputtered to a stop. A young emergency medical technician hopped out and opened the back.

“Keep him steady,” said the driver, helping the younger EMT remove a gurney. A middle-aged, tuxedo-clad man gasped through an oxygen mask, fingers gone spastic. The two technicians wheeled the patient inside.

A few minutes later, the older EMT watched through the door of the trauma bay. A nurse turned off the monitors around the blood-spattered patient and nodded to Dr. Nielsen.

Nielsen came out of the bay and removed his glasses. He tapped them on his thumb. “You know who he was?”

“Of course,” said the EMT. “Picked him up from his limo.”

Nielsen kept tapping. “I’ve seen this before.” He rubbed the glasses back and forth along his thumb. “How many were exposed?”

“The whole convention, I imagine.”

Nielsen tapped. And rubbed. And tapped.

And stopped tapping.

“I’m calling CDC.”

* * * *

Grimm climbed out of an unmarked car in front of his news service and tossed a semi-salute at the interior. SAC Chou Lee waved an empty pipe out the window and merged into traffic. Grimm trotted inside the building, galloped down a warren of halls, and pulled up in Cranbrook’s office. He grinned, ignoring the other reporter lounging across from Cranbrook in an unusually sturdy guest chair.

“You gotta keep me on police work, boss.”

“Drop it,” said Cranbrook. “You’re back on science.”

Grimm opened his mouth, but shut it when the other reporter reached over and handed him a sheet of paper.

“Your contact at CDC called,” said Cranbrook. “They’re finally tracking my nephew’s affliction. Already sent out three Epidemic Intelligence Officers.”

Grimm read the note. “Disease detectives.” He took a breath, held it a moment, and let it out. “Right. I’ll be in touch.”

Cranbrook’s voice came from behind. “This could be Pulitzer material.”

Grimm made a disgusted sound. He put a hand on the doorjamb. “Let’s hope to hell it’s not.”

Where to buy

Praise for Scourge: 

“Imaginative and full of action…continually shifting the quirky plot into places that are both surprising and fantastical…succeeds with its scientific intrigue and decisively high stakes.”

– Kirkus Reviews







Charley Pearson started in chemistry and biology, then moved on to bioengineering, so the Navy threw in some extra training and made him a nuclear engineer. This actually made sense when his major task turned out to be overseeing chemical and radiological environmental remediation at Navy facilities after the end of the Cold War, releasing them for unrestricted future use. Now he writes fiction. 

Social Media: 





Have you guys read this book or do you plan on reading it soon or it the future? Please let me know in the comments below!

* An e-ARC of this book was sent to me in exchange for an honest review by the publisher! A huge thanks to Fiery Seas Publishing for including me in this blog tour! 

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  1. Alas, Fiery Seas Publishing folded at the end of 2018. I’ve now self-published SCOURGE and it’s available for order via local bookstores ( or through Amazon ( – paperback or ebook). Feel free to leave a review if you like (any flavor; it’s all subjective, after all). Thanks – and thanks again to Phannie the Ginger Bookworm for doing this! – Charley

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