Oshun Rising by Jennifer Alsever | Trinity Forest #2 | Review

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Today I’m back with a review of a sequel. You can find the review of the first book here.

This is a book I really liked reading and I can’t wait to get my hands on the last book in this trilogy! divider

There are going to be spoilers in the synopsis! If you haven’t read book one in this trilogy please don’t continue reading this review! 


Goodreads Synopsis:

OSHUN has everything a young pop star could ever want—fame, fortune, and beauty to spare. But there’s something dark inside of her, rising like the tide, fighting to be heard. Something that terrifies her. Because once she lets it out, she knows there’s no going back.

EMBER is drowning. Fighting for consciousness, struggling to make sense of the strange dreams she’s been having—prophecies of murder, deception, and blackmail. But once she begins to untangle them, she realizes that they might not be dreams at all…and if she doesn’t find a way to stop what she’s seeing, more people will die.

MADDIE is barely staying afloat. How can she be expected to care about school when her best friend Ember is still missing, presumed dead? So when Ember’s brother calls and tells her about his theory about a pop star who may be involved in Ember’s disappearance, she rallies him to take a road trip to check it out.


Author – Jennifer Alsever

Title – Oshun Rising

Publisher – Sawatch Publishing

Publication date – August 28th, 2017

Pages – 382

Price – 3.97$ (kindle)

Series – Trinity Forest #2

Version – ebook*

Genre – Fantasy/Paranormal (Young Adult)

Trigger Warning – manipulation

Language – English

My Rating – 📖📖📖📖


# What I liked

Where should I start? First of all, I was glad to be able to continue with the series. I liked that the author got us immediately back into the story! I enjoyed the fact that this time we didn’t only have Ember as a “main” protagonist but also her best friend Maddie. It was something different to read about the things Maddie was thinking and that she still cared for Ember even though she disappeared for a long duration and no one knows where she is. Maddie is determined to help Embers brother to find Ember and it’s something the reader wouldn’t have thought to happen as Maddie and Ember had some sort of crisis during book one. It was also refreshing to read the point of view of different characters and to see how they evolved in the story and how they perceived some things differently than the others.

Most of the time, this journey was very scary but I couldn’t stop turning the pages. I had to know what was going to happen. I found myself holding my breath more often than I would have imagined.

Something I also liked was that it was less detailed than the first book. We are already familiar with Trinity Forest thanks to Ember Burning (book #1). So it wasn’t necessary to go into full details again in the second book. As Oshun Rising wasn’t as detailed as Ember Burning the reading experience was faster and kind of “easier”.

# What I disliked

Nothing! The only thing: my curiosity isn’t stilled! I need more! I want more! And I have yet so many books to read before!

# Favourite Character

Maddie! She was definitely my favourite character in this second book. I didn’t like her that much in book one but here as one of the main characters I really started to like her. And of course Ember.

I really enjoyed Oshun Rising. Even more than the first book. It’s a great sequel and I recommend it to every paranormal fantasy lover who couldn’t get enough of the first book! It’s a bit different than the first but still amazing! You’re not going to regret reading the second book in the Trinity Forest trilogy.
Where to buy



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Have you read this book or do you plan on reading this trilogy? Please let me know in the comments below!

* This book was sent to me in exchange for an honest review! 

The cover and synopsis come from their respective Goodreads page!

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