Killing it by Asia Mackay |Mini e-ARC review

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Today I’m back with a review for you guys. And the exciting news: The book is coming out today! (and it was an amazing read as well)

Without further ado, let’s start with my thoughts about this book.



Goodreads synopsis: 

For trail-blazing women everywhere!

Every working mum has had to face it.

The guilt-fuelled, anxiety-filled first day back in the office after maternity leave.

But this working mum is one of a kind.

Meet Alexis Tyler.

An elite covert agent within Her Majesty’s Secret Service.

Her first project back is a high-stakes hit of global significance and the old boys network of government espionage is far from ready for the return of an operational mother. But woe betide anyone who ever tells Alexis Tyler ‘you can’t’.

She will have it a

ll. Or she’ll die trying . . .

And yes, she damn well will be home for bath time.


Author –  Asia Mackay

Title – Killing it

Publisher – Zaffre

Publication date – July 12th 2018

Pages – 378

Price –  9.18$ (paperback)

Series – /

Version – ebook*

Genre – Thriller

Trigger Warning – Violence

Language – English

My Rating – 📖📖📖📖.75


# What I liked

Alexis is returning to work after giving birth to a daughter a few months back. This is especially difficult for her because she doesn’t have an easy job. She is working as a secret agent in the UK. Alexis has to deal with all the prejudices men can have towards women. She always has to prove that she can do the exact same job as a man can and that she is the best at her job as a secret agent.

First of all, let me tell you that this book was badass as hell. I liked every aspect of this book! I loved that the main character was a female and not like in every other thriller book where the secret agents are primarily male.

Killing it was super realistic as it shows what woman have to deal with on a daily basis in their working life. This book was also great because it showed us a woman that worked as a secret agent. A job that which isn’t that usual for a woman. Especially not for a new mom.

The events at the end of the book were amazing. I never thought that what happened, would happen. I was really surprised by it. Which makes the book even more interesting to read. It was a hilarious read and easy to get through it.

# What I disliked

Absolutely nothing. It was too short, however. I would have liked to read more of this amazing book.

# Favourite Character

The main character, Alexis Tyler of course. But I also really liked her colleague Jack.

I would definitely recommend this book to every thriller fan. Particularly for those who like a good fast-paced book based in the UK and which gives you some James Bond vibes with a female main character.

Where to buy


Book Depository




* A review copy of this book was sent to me by the publisher in exchange for an honest reviews

The synopsis and the book cover come from their respective Goodreads page. 

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