E-books versus physical ones | Let’s talk! #1

Hello everyone!

Today I thought that I’d change something on my blog. So I’ve finally written a discussion post. *YAY*


I’ll try to post these discussion posts every Saturday from now on so if you have a topic you absolutely want to talk about feel free to tell me on Twitter, Instagram, or write it in the comments down below!

And without further ado, let’s start!

Let's talk!

  • E-books

a. Pros:

  1. First of all, you can read whatever you want and this whenever you desire! If you’re bored in the middle of your current read, there is always the possibility to switch immediately to another book. And this without having to move from your bed or couch. Especially if you are in a comfortable position.
  2. Furthermore, for those of you that have eye problems, you can easily change the size of the writing or even the font if something doesn’t work for you. If your eyes start getting tired you can adapt the lighting of your e-reader to your tastes. This is helpful when you like to read in your bedroom with the lights of your room turned off.
  3. The last argument for the e-book that I can give you is that it’s light and eco-friendly. You don’t have a heavy physical copy of your book in your handbag. (unless you’re me and you have to have multiple books in your bag including the Kindle and in the end, you don’t even need all of this) Like I mentioned above e-books are eco-friendlier than a paperback or a hardcover book. There is no paper printed out.

b. Cons:

  1. Now let’s talk about the Cons! First of all the Battery. Even though you have a few weeks before you need to recharge your e-reader, it’s still annoying! Especially when you are in the middle of your book and then suddenly you get the message that your reader is out of battery. There is nothing more irritating than that. This doesn’t happen with a physical book.
  2. Next thing is the smell. Okay, you’ll probably think that I’m deranged, but I love the smell of a new/old book. There is nothing better than the feeling you get when you hold a book in your hand and it smells amazing. (Please tell me that I’m not the only one like that!)
  3. The last thing is the feeling of a real book. You’ll never have this feeling while reading an e-book. It feels nice having a big chunk of a book in your hand and that you can turn pages. Like real pages and not having to touch a screen to change a page!

  • Physical books

a. Pros:

  1. Like I mentioned in the “Cons” Section of the e-books a pro of a physical copy is definitely the smell.
  2. You can also turn the pages which is awesome, as you can feel the book and the paper in your hands.
  3. And have you already considered how many shelves you can fill with your physical books? That feeling of joy you get when you can add a new book to your shelves or when you can rearrange them with all the beautiful books you have!

b. Cons:

  1. A minus point has to be that some of the books can be quite chunky. Don’t get me wrong. I love big books but they are so freaking heavy! And sometimes the font size is so small. In that case, it is definitely helpful to have an e-version of that book.
  2. Another thing is that the physical books take a lot of place in your home, rooms, shelves, etc. Like for example in my bedroom, there are books on the floor, on my desk, bed,… To summarize: Books are everywhere in my room. In the future, there will be no floor anymore. Which brings us to the next and last point of today’s discussion.
  3. All of the endless books that you can’t put on your shelves anymore. Because there is no place left, the book doesn’t go with the other books on the shelf and many other valid reasons to not put your books on your bookshelf.

  • Conclusion

I have to say, that I was always against e-books as I prefer the feeling of a “real” book in my hands. However, after purchasing a Kindle Paperwhite my view changed completely. I already had a Sony e-Reader which my parents bought me as a gift for Christmas a few years back. But I didn’t like that e-reader so much and as the Sony store closed a few months after I couldn’t use it anymore. Since then I’ve only read physical books but since I’m a university student my Backpack is already full of uni stuff so that most of the time I simply couldn’t bring a heavy paperback with me. So I decided to buy a Kindle and it was the best investment I ever made! I can have multiple books with me and that on a tiny device. There are so many possibilities that you have while reading an e-book which you don’t have with a paperback. You can see how much time you have left in the chapter or the book. But, I still like to read an actual physical book. I only read e-books when I’m on the go and at home, I never actually read on my kindle. Unless I have an e-ARC to read.

Neither the physical book nor the e-book will win. It’s even! Everyone has their own tastes. So if you prefer one thing over the other that’s fine. I like both but I still prefer the actual book where I can change pages by myself.

What about you? Please let me know in the comments below! And don’t forget: If you want to see something specific please let me know!

27 thoughts on “E-books versus physical ones | Let’s talk! #1

  1. My kindle paperwhite is my best friend! I enjoyed reading e-books on my ipad before I had it, but the paperwhite has so many more benefits–it’s lightweight, easy on the eyes, and is connected to Amazon so I can buy books whenever I want. The battery lasts such a long time and makes the perfect on-the-go companion. I love my physical books though too–I love collecting them and using them for Bookstagram.

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  2. Win-win too! Ebooks for instant gratifications, less space needed and easy on a plane. Physical books as I love making bookstagrams and the colors are so pretty!

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  3. I love my kindle paper white I was the same way as you till I purchased one. I realized I was missing too many good books by not reading ebooks also.

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  4. My kindle paperwhite is my bff, tbh. And I feel like we were all against ereaders until we got one and were like “holy shit I can carry this 600 page book in my bag without the weight? SIGN ME TF UP” And of course, reading is reading no matter which way you do it!

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    1. Exactly! And you can take so many books with you when you go on vacation. Everything is on your Kindle and you don’t need to put 4 physical books in your suitcase. I honestly love my Kindle Paperwhite so much. Even though I still prefer to hold a physical book sometimes. But it is a great investment that I regret in no way!


  5. I don’t mind e-books expect for textbooks. It just doesn’t feel the same. Well, I guess we mathematicians are old-fashioned…
    Another advantage of e-books is you can back them up as they are only digital data. If a physical book is destroyed or lost, it’s gone forever, unlike e-books which you can store in multiple storage devices.
    On the flip side, e-books being digital can ironically shorten its lifespan compared with physical books. In my family, we have books that are more than 700 years old. They’re passed down from one generation to another. I can’t imagine myself “passing down” e-books to my descendants as standard digital formats change rapidly. The standard format of today may be obsolete tomorrow. Finding ways to open unsupported file formats can be a pain.

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    1. I agree! I prefer when my textbooks are in physical form and not an e-book. When I study I prefer to highlight and to write in the actual book and it’s easier for me than to look on a screen for hours. An e-book has its advantages but also its weaknesses. However, that’s the case for every format.


  6. I’ve only read a couple of things in e-book form (via my phone) and found it very difficult to get to grips with. For me, spending so much time on mobile devices means I crave the change (but also familiarity) of a phyical book. There’s something I find comforting about turning the pages of a book. I agree about how nuch space phyical books take up. I need to build myself a library!

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    1. The problem with the phone is that it hurts your eyes after some time. I’ve never enjoyed reading e-books on my phone and as we are already pretty addicted to our phones I honestly didn’t like that method. But with a Kindle, it’s not the same. Your eyes don’t get tired that easily and you have only your books on that device. You don’t get distracted it’s like reading a physical book. You just don’t have the pages that you can change by yourself. But I agree I also find it comforting when I can turn the pages of my book by myself! And I also absolutely need to build myself a library! I have so many books at home!


  7. Great post! It’s so refreshing to see a post that isn’t strictly ebook bashing! 🙂 I’m glad you’re enjoying your Kindle! I love mine as well though I don’t have much of a preference with one format over the other. 🙂

    Erica | Erica Robyn Reads

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  8. I prefer paper books in most cases but I love the fact that I can carry an entire library with me when I travel. That’s saved me from the dreaded “nothing left to read” a few times.

    However, I deeply dislike locked ebooks unless they are from the library or really cheap (in which case I guess I’m getting what I pay for). If I buy an ebook at prices approaching those of a pocket book I want to actually own it, not just have a “license to read it”. Locked ebooks too often give me problem and could potentially turn unreadable with the next upgrade, they always make me feel as if I’m getting tricked. A nice epub file, if necessary watermarked, is much less likely to cause any trouble, and also means that I’m not tied to just one company.

    So I guess my preference is:
    1. Paper book
    2. DRM free ebook (legal of course)
    DRM protected ebook

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  9. I was adamant that I would never get a kindle but then when I decided to go travelling, I knew it had to be done & I have to say, though nothing can replace a real book to me, they’re not as evil as I thought they’d be!

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  10. I have always loved the feeling of holding a real book within my hands. But I think there are pros and cons to it, just like e-books. I’ve never read a e-book, I can’t seem able to focus but on the other hand they also seem like a better option for eco-friendly reasons and also much easier to carry a few of them at the same time in your bag!

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    1. Like you said, e-books have their pros and cons but so do physical books and every other reading method! What I like the most with e-books is that I can carry so many books on a small reading device. And as a student, I don’t have much money to spare on anything so e-books are a great option for me as they are always cheaper than a Paperback or Hardcover. But I can totally understand when other people have a whole other opinion on e-books and can’t read them! 🙂

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  11. I love that ebooks are usually cheaper and easier to get a hold of, but I just can’t focus the same way. Especially when I’m in a sort of reading slump, if I can’t actually pick up a physical book, then I probably won’t read. I really wish I liked ebooks because it’d make reading so much more convenient.

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