Cinders Dance by Alicia Gaile |Cover Reveal

Hello everyone!

Today’s post will be a cover reveal of a YA Fantasy novel.




Title – Cinders Dance

Author – Alicia Gaile

Series – 2nd book in the Faery Trials

Release Date – March 13, 2018

PublisherSnowy Wings Publishing




Resigned to a lifetime in Faerie to protect the people he loves, Jack Sorley faces monsters of every shape and size. Shifters, goblins, and a living nightmare with a grudge lurk in the Ash Court plotting to corrupt him into serving their own schemes and designs. But when his friends lead a rescue mission that goes terribly wrong, Jack must journey deep into the courts of Faerie to lift a terrible curse.

Meanwhile, viral footage leaked from Sheriff Doyle’s party reveals to the public that faeries are real. Armed with nothing but children’s stories, a new group of ‘fairy experts’ spread misconceptions and false information that puts everyone at risk. Between those who think faeries are harmless and the people scared enough to launch a preemptive attack, it’s only a matter of time before disaster strikes. Hailed as heroes by some and traitors by others, the Sorleys must come out of hiding if they want to protect the human race from itself.

As the war in Faerie intensifies between the Solitary Fae and the Gentry, mankind faces annihilation if the wrong faction wins. Can Jack convince Queen Credeilia she still has a reason to fight before she hands over her crown at midnight during the Vernal Feriae Ball and tips the balance of power out of control for all time?



Cover Reveal (1).png

And now drumrolls please because now I’m going to show you the complete cover of Cinders Dance!

The cover was designed by Olivia Pro Design. And personally, I think that she did a pretty good job!



Do you want to preorder Book 2 in this series? 

Preorder here




Her website: Author Alicia Gaile

Twitter: @alicia_gaile

Instagram: @authoraliciagaile



And that’s all about this stunning cover reveal! What do you think about this cover? Have any of you read book 1? I still have to read it!

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