Wives of war – Mini Book Review

Goodreads Summary:

London, 1944. Two young nurses meet at a train station with a common purpose: to join the war effort. Scarlet longs for the chance to find her missing fiancé, Thomas, and to prove to her family—and to herself—that she’s stronger than everybody thinks. Nursing is in Ellie’s blood, but her humble background is vastly different from Scarlet’s privileged upbringing. Though Ellie puts on a brave face, she’s just as nervous as Scarlet about what awaits them in France.

In Normandy, the two friends soon encounter the seemingly unflappable Lucy. Scarlet and Ellie are in awe of her courage and competence, but the experienced nurse is well aware of the dangers of the job they’ve chosen—and even she is terrified they won’t make it home alive.

Pushed to their limits by the brutality of a world at war, Scarlet, Ellie and Lucy will need to rely on each other—and the power of their friendship—to survive.

About the book:

Author – Soraya M.Lane

Title – Wives of war

Publisher – Lake Union Publishing

Publication date – July 1st, 2017

Pages – 350

Special features – /

Price – 4,98 € (e-book) & 8,51 € (You can buy the PB on Book Depository)*

ISBN – 9781503942769 (Paperback)

Series – No

Version – e-book

Genre – Historical Fiction/WW2/Romance

Trigger Warning – War/death/violence

Language – English

My Rating📖📖📖📖

In this story, we follow three young women – Ellie, Lucy & Scarlet – on their journey as nurses in World War II.

This book was such a great read. I have to say that I don’t enjoy reading romance books. However, during summer time I sometimes like to read books in that genre. Did I enjoy this novel so much because of summer? I don’t know but I’m glad that I picked this one up.

The characters and their friendship were well-written and I did not want to stop reading it. The Romance, however, was sometimes really cringeworthy. At least for me. I mean love at first sight for every girl? I don’t know how it was in the 40’s but honestly, love at first sight during the time of war? I know that they had to have at least one happy thought that kept them from becoming mad but falling in love with the first guy that smiles at you? I don’t find it realistic but I believe that everyone has another opinion on that matter.

What I found perfect though was the description of the determination of these nurses to do what they wanted to do. Especially Scarlet. As she lived a more privileged life at home than Ellie and Lucy, her parents did not want her to do her military service as a nurse in the battlefield. Because of obvious reasons back in the 40’s.  Scarlet, however, doesn’t give a **** what her family thinks. She wants to show them that she can do it and she wants to find her fiancé. I think that this was the thought that helped her to survive all the hell she had to go through as a nurse on the field.  And their friendship was honestly so great and perfect. If I have to choose my favourite character it’s probably going to be Lucy. She’s such a sweet girl with a tough character for that period.

The story is written in the P.O.V. of the three ladies. Which is not disturbing at all, it kind of makes sense. Even though I found the romance a bit too much I was really satisfied with the ending for Lucy, Ellie and Scarlet. It was simply perfect! And all three of these girls deserved to be happy at the end of the story.

Have you read Wives of War? And what did you think of it? Please let me know in the comments below 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Wives of war – Mini Book Review

  1. Your review certainly piqued my interest (although the reason why I clicked on it in the first place is the cover – not going to lie…). It sounds like something I might enjoy dipping into. I’ve been meaning to get into reading more historical fiction for a while now. Speaking of instalove, I also sometimes find it hard to suspend my disbelief. Not so much in YA because I was the same when I was a teenager, but it does seem a bit shady if a grown-up woman acts like that (that’s just my opinion, of course).

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