The Writer’s Bloom by Neha Katyal – Spoiler-free Review

Hello, everyone! Today I’m going to talk about a book called “The Writer’s Bloom” written by Neha Katyal. If I’m correct it is her first work and it is a mix of sci-fi and reality.

Goodreads Summary:

Ever pondered, what will happen if your life starts all over again from a random point and you have no idea what was happening in it before that?
Well, this is exactly what happened with the members of ‘The Writer’s Bloom’, as they enter their parallel world to explore the hitherto unknown.

“Isn’t it tough to face life, I mean living with such innocence.”, he asked
“Isn’t it tough to FACE life when you just need to LIVE it.”, she replied.
This is Saanvi, a 27 year old, passionate and endearing ingenue, who was living a simple life until she enters ‘The Writer’s Bloom’.

‘The Writer’s Bloom’ is a talent extravaganza showcasing a writing reality competition for the first time in New York. But, the extravaganza ain’t any normal reality competition.
Dr. Rodger Anderson, an eminent scientist and writer launches the show to solve the biggest question on earth- ‘How to live?’ And the hunt ain’t a normal one too, but a hunt in parallel worlds, through a mechanism invented by him.

Saanvi along with fifteen other participants sets out on an audacious hunt to the unknown and what she discovers besides how she discovers is amazingly unimaginable.
Through mind-boggling hints to solve the hunt to unpredictable events in the replica world, through unavoidable indignation amongst a few participants to soul connections between a few, the story will take you within; to explore the hidden treasures, waiting to come out, waiting to live.

Combining adventure, love and mystery, this is a magical piece of self-discovery, of how far you can go to find the meaning of your life.
So, fill up your coffee mugs and be ready for a roller coaster ride of emotions, adventure, mystery and most importantly wisdom and an inspiration to follow your dreams.

About the book:

Author – Neha Katyal

Title – The Writer’s Bloom

Publisher – Self-published

Publication date – 31st July 2017

Pages – 194

Special Features – none

Price – 1.17 $ (

ISBN – /

Series – /

Version – e-book

Genre – Sci-Fi/Reality

Trigger Warning –  /

Language – English

My Rating – 📖📖 1/2

This book is going to be difficult to review. Because I skipped the last 10 %. The beginning was not bad. I liked it a lot but in the middle of the story, I had the feeling that Miss Katyal wanted to do everything the right way but ended to not stick to her story. Do you know what I mean? Through the whole reading experience, I didn’t get attached to any of the characters. There is too much dialogue in this book and literally no descriptions (for me!).  But everyone has their preferences and I don’t like books that have a lot of dialogue.

I also didn’t like the writing style. Sometimes I had problems to understand in which POV I was reading. Nevertheless, it is the first novel by a self-published author. And it was good but just not enough for me to like it as much as I wanted to like it. Because I loved the summary and therefore I agreed immediately to read a copy of Katyal’s book after she’d contacted me. Unfortunately, it wasn’t my thing. But I do think that everyone should give it a try and judge by themselves. We all have different tastes so maybe this book is for you. And I recommend it to everyone who wants to read a book with the following message: Find yourself!

What I did like however, and yes I did like some parts of this book or I wouldn’t have given it a 2.5 📖 review. So what I liked was that the story was kind of unique. At some times it reminded me a bit of Hunger Games where everyone is competing against the other but it was still unique. A story about fifteen writers competing against one another in their parallel worlds is indeed unique. At least I did not read anything similar. And as I don’t like to review books that weren’t really my thing because I always feel bad I will stop here.

I recommend it to everyone who wants to read a book with the following message: Find yourself! And what is important in your life. I will mention it again: Everyone should read it once. Because I think that the author really did her best.

Did you read it? What did you think about The Writer’s bloom?

-This book was sent to me by the author in exchange for an honest review. Thank you to Neha Katyal!


2 thoughts on “The Writer’s Bloom by Neha Katyal – Spoiler-free Review

  1. Aw! I hate it when I make it THAT far in a book and have to just put it down! Writing style is a biggie for me, so I don’t blame you letting it go! It does sound pretty interesting though! Happy reading! 😀

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