Get to know me

Facts about me

Hello, everyone! (I should probably change my greeting sometime ^^)
I figured that you don’t know much about me so I thought why not tell you more about myself. These are going to be random facts that come into my mind. If you have specific questions feel free to ask them! 🙂
1. I’m really shy. I feel uneasy when I have to talk to strangers or people in general. I don’t know why, but it has always been like this.
2. I don’t eat while reading. Some people do but I absolutely hate eating in front of a book. Imagine eating crackers or any other snacks and then you have to change the page and *puff* there are greasy fingerprints on your book. Argh, I can’t stand that! ^^
3. I only drink water while reading. For the exact same reason as above. I prefer water falling on my book than juice.
4. After every 3rd or 5th chapter (it depends on their length), I drink some water. To stay hydrated. Especially during these hot summer days, it is important to drink enough water.
5. My name is Stéphanie.
6. My birthday is on July 17.
7.  I’m a ginger. But I suppose that you’ve already figured that part out for yourself ^^ 
8. I’m going to be an undergraduate student in economics.
9. I did some communication studies for 2 years.
10. I am a proud Hufflepuff (Badger pride)
11.  I did not read the Harry Potter series in order. I think that I started with the Halfblood Prince and then I started reading the first five books and finally I read the last one in the end. 
12. I never buy multiple editions of the same book. I only do it when I have the e-book version or when I want to read the book in another language. Which only happened for Harry Potter. 
13. I hate it that I can’t read all the books existing. 
14. I prefer printed books than e-books even though I recently bought myself a Kindle.
15. I don’t really like romance. I only read this genre when the cover, the synopsis or the title keep my attention. 
16. I like fanfictions a lot! Especially Harry Potter ones (Drarry for the win)
17. I’m lazy! 
That was all that came in my mind about myself.
(And no this is not the 25 bookish facts tag. I just wanted to write something about myself)

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