The books I want to read in January|TBR


Hello everyone!

Today I’m sharing with you how many books I want to read. There are a lot of books and my finals start on the 15th so I don’t know if I’ll be able to read all of these. But I’ll try!

The books I’m currently reading (still):

#1 – Fix me by Lisa M. Cronkhite – ebook – I got a review copy through NetGalley

#2 – Carry On by Rainbow Rowell – Paperback

#3 – Feel me Fall by James Morris – ebook – a review copy was sent to me by the author (I know I’m still reading that one. As it is on my iPad (where I rarely read) I’m slow at reading it. But I like it)

#4 – Wonder Woman Warbringer by Leigh Bardugo – Paperback

The other books I want to read:

#1 – A gathering of Shadows by V.E.Schwab – Paperback

#2 – Even the Darkest Stars by Heather Fawcett – Hardcover – September Fairyloot Book

#3 – Gemina by Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff – Paperback

#4 – Throne of Glass by Sarah J.Maas – Paperback

#5 – Warcross by Marie Lu – Paperback

The book I already finished reading this month:

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones by Cassandra Clare – Paperback – 1st book for the Beat the Backlist 2018 Challenge

All of these books (not the books I didn’t finish before 31st December 2017) are the ones I’m going to read for the Beat the Backlist Reading Challenge. I did not count the books I plan to read on my kindle this month. So it’s possible that I read more than the ones listed above.

In total, I plan to read 10 books. (7 paperbacks, 2 ebooks and one Hardcover) I did already read one book this month. (Paperback and a total of 506 pages)

What do you guys plan to read this month? Let me know in the comments below!

My December Wrap-Up will probably go live next week!


Cinders Dance by Alicia Gaile |Cover Reveal

Hello everyone!

Today’s post will be a cover reveal of a YA Fantasy novel.

About the book: 

Title – Cinders Dance

Author – Alicia Gaile

Series – 2nd book in the Faery Trials

Release Date – March 13, 2018

PublisherSnowy Wings Publishing


Resigned to a lifetime in Faerie to protect the people he loves, Jack Sorley faces monsters of every shape and size. Shifters, goblins, and a living nightmare with a grudge lurk in the Ash Court plotting to corrupt him into serving their own schemes and designs. But when his friends lead a rescue mission that goes terribly wrong, Jack must journey deep into the courts of Faerie to lift a terrible curse.

Meanwhile, viral footage leaked from Sheriff Doyle’s party reveals to the public that faeries are real. Armed with nothing but children’s stories, a new group of ‘fairy experts’ spread misconceptions and false information that puts everyone at risk. Between those who think faeries are harmless and the people scared enough to launch a preemptive attack, it’s only a matter of time before disaster strikes. Hailed as heroes by some and traitors by others, the Sorleys must come out of hiding if they want to protect the human race from itself.

As the war in Faerie intensifies between the Solitary Fae and the Gentry, mankind faces annihilation if the wrong faction wins. Can Jack convince Queen Credeilia she still has a reason to fight before she hands over her crown at midnight during the Vernal Feriae Ball and tips the balance of power out of control for all time?

The cover: 

And now drumrolls please because now I’m going to show you the complete cover of Cinders Dance!

The cover was designed by Olivia Pro Design. And personally, I think that she did a pretty good job!

Do you want to preorder Book 2 in this series? 

Preorder here

Do you want to know more about the author?

Her website: Author Alicia Gaile

Twitter: @alicia_gaile

Instagram: @authoraliciagaile

And that’s all about this stunning cover reveal! What do you think about this cover? Have any of you read book 1? I still have to read it!

Triple Cross Killer by Rosemarie Aquilina – Blogtour

Hello everyone!

Happy New Year! I still can’t believe that we are already in 2018. And I know I’m saying that for every new month. But it’s still crazy how time flies!
Today is my stop for the Triple Cross Killer blog tour by Rosemarie Aquilina.

About the book:

Title – Triple Cross Killer

Author – Rosemarie Aquilina

Publisher – Fiery Seas Publishing

Publication date – December 5th, 2017

Series – 1st book in the State Detective Special Forces

Genre – Thriller

Language – English

Format – ebook *

Trigger Warning – Murder/Violence/Abuse (Drugs)

My Rating – 📖📖📖📖/5

Where to buy?

Barnes & Noble



Book trailerYoutube


Have you ever wondered what really happens to Santa Claus letters?  In Detroit and Sarasota some children’s letters are diverted and reviewed by Nick Archer, a religiously obsessed, narcissist. Nick responds, leaving a trail of devastation in the two cities.

 In Detroit, co-ed partners and wise-cracking lovers, detectives Jaq McSween and David Maxwell, team up with Sarasota detectives Abel Mendoza and his partner, Rabbit, to find this daunting killer.

 When Jaq’s friend, the lovely nurse, Rita Rose, takes a chance on love again, she gets caught in Nick’s web. Working with the ME, she joins in, adding her perspective when events take a sinister turn.  

 Can this diverse team of characters pool their insights, barbs, and taste for bad food to save Rita when she discovers the final clues or will she become the next victim?


The Thriller genre is definitely a genre that I like to read. So I tend to be a little bit picky about books in that specific genre. Triple Cross Killer by Rosemarie Aquilina definitely did not fail my test. I liked it a lot and it kept me entertained the whole time.

It is written in a few perspectives: three to be exact. The killer, a nurse and cops. And the story takes place during the Christmas time. (Which is probably only a plus and amazing for a Christmas lover like me xD) It’s clearly no book that is fast-paced, there are a few murders happening very fast one after the other but the cops don’t have a clue on a potential criminal. While the reader knows who the mass murderer is the other protagonists only find it out until the end. Which on one hand can be a little bit frustrating, to be honest, as you know who it is and you just want to shout at the police who the hell is the criminal but you can’t. On the other hand however it is realistic. In real life, the police don’t find the criminals after a few hours. It takes time and this book portrays the reality. Something I like but I don’t read very often.

The characters were very well developed and you find yourself attached to them after a few pages. And you hope that none of them will get hurt by the murderer himself. Yes, I stressed a lot while reading this thriller! I don’t even have a favourite character as I liked them all the same (apart from the serial killer)

I recommend this book to every lover of the thriller/mystery genre. You will definitely not be disappointed. Go and give this book a try!

About the author:

Rosemarie Aquilina is the mother of five children. Elected as a 30th Circuit Court Judge serving in the General Trial Division, after having served as a 55th District Court Judge in Mason, Michigan, she takes pride in public serve. 

In 1986, Judge Aquilina became the first female JAG Officer in the hi

story of the Michigan Army National Guard, she retired 

in 2006 with twenty years Honorable Service.  She is an adjunct law professor at both Western Michigan University—Thomas M. Cooley Law School and Michigan State University College of Law and has earned teaching awards at both institutions. Judge Aquilina is the former owner of Aquilina Law Firm, PLC, and former host of a syndicated radio talk show called Ask the Family Lawyer. 

Have you read Triple Cross Killer by Rosemarie Aquilina? What did you think about this book? Or do you plan to read it? Please let me know in the comments below!

*  This book was sent to me by the publisher in exchange for an honest review! Thank you to Fiery Seas Publishing!

** This is an affiliate link

Cover Reveal – Boy of Blood by Megan O’Russell

Hello, everyone!

How are you all? It’s nearly Christmas and I still haven’t gotten around to do some Christmas shopping. I will, however, have to do that as soon as possible!

Today I’m back with another exciting Cover Reveal!

Boy of Blood Ebook

Title: Boy of Blood

Author: Megan O’Russell

Publisher: Fiery Seas Publishing

Series: Girl of Glass

Genre: YA Dystopia

Release Date: April 10, 2018


After Nightland’s vicious attack on the domes, the safety and perfection of the world within the glass has been contaminated. Desperate to rebuild, outsiders are allowed into the domes to help, breaking the cardinal rule: outsiders and Domers must always be separated. But the city is in shambles, crumbling into chaos without the Vampers of Nightland to keep order, and one name is carried on the wind: Nola.

Clinging to Jeremy, Nola struggles to find a way to exist in the domes, turning her back on all she learned in the city. But when one of the outsiders brings the dark secrets of the domes to light, the line between survival and murder blurs against the spectre of the dying world.

Can Nola follow the dark path laid out by the Domes? Will the dangers of the night become her new sanctuary?

About the author:

Megan O'RussellMegan O’Russell is the author of the young adult fantasy series The Tethering, and Nuttycracker Sweet, a Christmas novella. Megan’s short stories can also be found in several anthologies, including Athena’s Daughters 2, featuring women in speculative fiction. Megan is a professional performer who has spent time in stages across the country and is the lyrist for Second Chances: The Thrift Shop Musical, which received its world premiere in 2015. When not on stage or behind a computer, Megan can usually be found playing her ukulele or climbing a mountain with her fantastic husband.

Social Media:





I absolutely want to read this book when it comes out. The synopsis kind of made me want to know more!  Therefore I added book one (Girl of Glass) to my virtual TBR. What do you guys think about this cover? Please let me know in the comments below! And huge thanks to Fiery Seas Pub for the opportunity to work with them!

Beat the Backlist 2018 – Reading Challenge

Hello, everyone!

Today I’m posting my plans for the Reading Challenge: Beat the Backlist 2018. I heard a lot about it from different bloggers and on social media and it made me interested to join. This is going to be my very first reading challenge and I’m really excited!

When is the challenge going to run and for how long? Well like the name suggests it is a 2018 reading challenge and it starts on the very first day of the new year. January 1st. It’s going to last until 31st December 2018. Which means that if you want to participate you don’t need to stress, you have a whole year to accomplish your goals! Which is pretty awesome. There’s really no pressure. At least I think! Knowing myself I’ll stress a lot.

The books you’re going to read have to be released before 2018! Which is great for me because at least half (even more) of my physical TBR (100 something) was released way before this year even. So I have a lot of choice of what to read.

I honestly don’t know how many books I’d like to read for the challenge so I’ll go with 20. I’m probably going to read more books than that for the challenge but I’m trying to start low! However, I’m not going to add my TBR as I like to decide that every month of what I want to read.

If you want to know more about this challenge you can check the host’s page out: Novel knight.

Edit: I’m a Dewey Dragon

Are you planning on joining this challenge?

Pigeon-Blood Red by Ed Duncan – Spoiler Free Review

Hello, everyone! After a very long time, I’m finally able to write reviews again. Yes, I’ve been in a review writing slump after my London Trip. I don’t even know why.

Today I’ll tell you more about a book that was sent to me by Kelsey Butts from Book Publicity Services in exchange for an honest review. Thank you Kelsey! But before I just wanted to say thank you for your patience and for reaching 200 followers! ❤

About the book:

Pigeon-Blood Red is a fast-paced and suspenseful crime thriller by Ed Duncan.BOOK COVER.png BACK COVER.png
Duncan says, “It’s always been said that you should write what you know. I am a lawyer – as is a pivotal character in the novel who is being pursued by a hitman – and I’m excited to be able to use my legal training creatively as well as professionally.”




Title – Pigeon-Blood Red

Author – Ed Duncan

Publisher – as far as I know, it has been self-published

Publication date – August 23rd, 2016

Version – ebook (kindle)

Price – 3.47$ for the ebook

Series – Yes, the 1st book

Trigger Warning – swearing/murder

Genre – Thriller/Suspense/Mystery

Rating – 📖📖📖 1/2


Where to buy?

Amazon (PB) Amazon (Kindle) 


For underworld enforcer Richard “Rico” Sanders, it seemed like an ordinary job. Retrieve his gangster boss’s priceless pigeon-blood red ruby necklace and teach the double-dealing cheat who stole it a lesson. A job like a hundred before it. But the chase quickly goes sideways and takes Rico from the mean streets of Chicago to sunny Honolulu, where the hardened hit man finds himself in uncharted territory when a couple of innocent bystanders are accidentally embroiled in the crime.
As Rico pursues his new targets, the hunter and his prey develop an unlikely respect for one another and Rico is faced with a momentous decision: follow his orders to kill the couple whose courage and character have won his admiration, or refuse and endanger the life of the woman he loves?


So first of all, I think that I have to start with the fact that the book isn’t very long. Which is a great thing to be honest? I like reading big books but when life is pretty stressful reading a shorter book is so relaxing and great. Especially if it’s fast-paced like Pigeon-Blood Red.

During the story, we follow Rico Sanders trying to get back a pigeon-blood red ruby necklace that has been stolen by a colleague of him.  I don’t think that I have to mention that Rico’s boss was certainly not amused when that necklace went missing. On that journey, the readers are going to meet a whole bunch of characters. Some that you simply have to love and others that you simply hate.  There are no in-between characters.

I can’t say that there was only one main character (Rico). For me, every single character mentioned in this crime novel is an MC. They share the same importance to the story than Rico does. Some of them were described perfectly that you knew almost their whole life after the end of book one. Others, however, were not that much described.

The chase after the necklace becomes really thrilling at a certain time of the novel and at some point, I couldn’t even stop reading. I had to know what was going to happen. And (at least that was my case) you didn’t see certain events come. I know that something surprised me because I came to a whole other conclusion and then *BOOM* it’s a whole other thing happening that I certainly didn’t see coming.

There is a lot of suspense in this book and in the end, I really enjoyed the story. I gave it a 3 1/2 rating on Goodreads.

I can recommend it to every suspense lover and crime/Thriller reader out here in the bookish community that likes to enjoy a very fast-paced read.

Praise for Pigeon-Blood Red

“In a novel with as much action as love, it is sure to be a story that will fulfil the desires of readers of all ages, genders, and areas of interest.” – 4 Stars, Red City Review

“Pigeon Blood Red at 238 pages, is not particularly long as books go, but Duncan packs a lot of story into those pages. Readers in search of a tight, well written, good guy versus bad guy, crime/action/adventure will find Pigeon Blood Red by Ed E. Duncan, an engrossing story that will keep them involved to the end. And like me, they will find themselves eagerly awaiting the next instalment.” – Mike Siedschlag

“This charming, classically-told crime thriller is a must for noir fans…refreshingly old-school pulp, inhabited by a familiar cast of gamblers, con men and hustlers found in Dennis Lehane and Elmore Leonard novels” – 5 Stars, Best Thrillers

ED DUNCANAbout Ed Duncan
Ed Duncan is a graduate of Oberlin College and Northwestern University Law School. He
was a partner at a national law firm in Cleveland, Ohio for many years. He currently lives outside of Cleveland, OH and is at work on the second instalment in the Pigeon Blood Red trilogy. To learn more, go to
Connect with Ed on Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads


Did you read this book or do you plan to read it? If you’ve read Pigeon Blood Red what did you think of it? Please let me know in the comments below. Thanks to Kelsey for sending me a review copy! I’ll mention it again: Getting a copy of this book for free in exhange for an honest review does in no way influence my review. I’ll always give you my honest opinion.

December TBR

Hello, everyone!

Today I’m back with the books I’m currently reading & planning to read this month.

What am I currently reading?

#1 – I am Pilgrim – Terry Hayes – German Edition – Hardback

#2 – Feel me Fall – James Morris – ebook – review copy *

#3 – The Alchemists of Loom – Elise Kova – ebook – review copy *

Which other books do I want to read this month?

#1 – Vertige – Franck Thilliez – Paperback

#2 – Wonder Woman Warbringer – Leigh Bardugo – Paperback

#3 – Warcross – Marie Lu – Paperback

#4 – Triple Cross Killer – Rosemarie Aquilina – ebook – review copy *

And that was all for this month! I don’t even know if I’ll be able to read these 7 books. In total, I plan to read 3 Paperbacks, 1 Hardback and 3 e-copies. What do you guys plan to read in December? Feel free to let me know in the comments below.

* These books were sent to me either by the author or by the publishing company in exchange for an honest review!

November Wrap-Up

Hello, again everyone! I’m still amazed by the fact that we are nearing the end of 2017. And with November, the 11th month of a year is done and it’s time to give you some stats of what I read. Personally, I think that I didn’t get much reading done because of uni.

What did I read?

#1 – The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas – Paperback – Review to come – 📖📖📖📖📖

#2 – Roll the Dice by Wayne Avrashow – ebook – Review – 📖📖📖📖 *

So, in the end, I’ve (only) read 2 books. I thought that it was much more but I was wrong! Nevertheless, all of these books were great so I can’t complain.

In total, I’ve read 786 pages and one paperback and one e-book. What did you guys read in the past month?

* This was sent to me by the publishing company in exchange for an honest review.

Roll the Dice – Wayne Avrashow – Review & Excerpt – Blog tour

Blog Tour November 28 - December 28

Hello, everyone! Can you believe it that we’re already December 1st today? Holy Moly how is that possible. January 2017 feels like bloody yesterday!

Today I’m taking part in my very first blog tour! Which is very exciting for me! Huge thanks to Catherine from Fiery Seas Publishing for contacting me! Which also means that I’m back with a review after not posting anything for about months. I don’t even know if I’m able to write reviews anymore. I guess that we’re going to figure this out very soon!

1. Facts

About the book:

Title: Roll the Dice

Author: Wayne Avrashow

Publisher: Fiery Seas Publishing

Release date: November, 28th 2017

Genre: Political Thriller

Version: Kindle

Rating: 📖📖📖📖


What happens when one of America’s biggest rock stars leaves the Las Vegas stage to run for the United State Senate?

The ultimate celebrity candidate, Tyler Sloan is no stranger to politics – his estranged father was a California governor who narrowly lost a Presidential campaign. He runs as a political independent, refuses campaign contributions, and dismisses special interests and lobbyists.

Sloan is caught in a political campaign fraught with; sexual scandal, corruption and conflicting loyalties.  Will he be able to navigate through political turbulence and his own past to win the race?

Where to buy?

Amazon ; Kobo ; iBooks ; Barnes & Noble

Book Trailer: Youtube

About the author:

Wayne Avrashow was the campaign manager for two successful Los Angeles City Council campaigns and a Deputy/Chief of Staff to those two elected City Council members. He served as a senior advisor for a successful city-wide referendum in the City of Los Angeles, co-authored ballot arguments on Los Angeles County-wide measures, served as Chairman for a Los Angeles County ballot measure, and was a Los Angeles government Commissioner for nearly twenty years. He currently serves as a Board Member of the Yaroslavsky Institute, a public policy institute founded by long time Southern California elected official, and now UCLA professor, Zev Yaroslavsky.

His background in politics, government, business, and law provides unique insight into the machinations and characters that populate political campaigns.

Wayne is a practicing attorney who specializes in government advocacy, real estate, and business law. Formerly, he was an officer in two real estate development firms.  As a lawyer-lobbyist, he has represented clients before numerous California municipalities and in Nevada and Idaho. He has lectured at his law school and taught at Woodbury University in Los Angeles. He has also authored numerous op-ed articles that appeared in daily newspapers, legal, business, and real estate publications.  In addition, he is the author of a self-published book for the legal community, Success at Mediation—10 Strategic Tools for Attorneys.

2. Review

Tyler Sloan is a star and a very well known one. His whole life Tyler lived in the political world as his father had been a California Governor who also participated in the Presidential Campaign but lost. However, it is a surprise for everyone, when Sloan suddenly announced that he would stop his rock star career to become Senator. Even though Tyler has all the necessary resources as his father had been himself in politics, Tyler does not want to have help from the outside. Not even from his father. He runs as an independent. Soon he gets caught in a political fraud with some other scandals as extras. Will everything turn right or will Tyler Sloan lose everything?

The synopsis of this book intrigued me, this is one of the reasons why I accepted to read it in exchange for an honest review and of course to feature the book on my blog during the blog tour.  I’m not reading political thrillers that often as I don’t really understand much in foreign political affairs especially the American politics are very complicated to understand for somebody with a whole other political system like I’m used to. I apprehended the political part a little bit as I feared that I wouldn’t understand a single thing. Nevertheless, the author gave a lot of details and the whole story was easy to understand. There may have been some things that I didn’t really understand but in the end, it’s not stopping me from enjoying the story. I have to confess that I stressed a lot about Tyler winning or not. (I won’t tell you of course how the race ended. You have to read the book yourself in order to find out what’s going on.! ) I found myself smiling a lot and I honestly liked reading this book a lot. Unfortunately, I had to end the book sometime and I found myself to feel sadness when the book ended as I hoped to get more of the Sloan family.

It’s definitely a plus point that the author knew perfectly well what he was writing about due to his political background. The suspense lasted until the very last chapter and I honestly can’t complain. I only gave it 4 stars because I still missed the “OH MY GOD” moment but I still liked it a lot.

This is an informative read about the political world in the US and I recommend it to every single one of you that love to read a suspenseful thriller in the political field.

3. Excerpt – Chapter one

It was the perfect funeral.

The perfect weather appeared as Washington D.C.’s rain had ceased, and the sun struggled out from behind gray clouds.

The perfect blend of grief and respect cascaded down the rolling greens of Arlington National Cemetery, as the attendees awaited the eulogies that would cite Nevada Senator Ted Garvey’s patriotism.

Tyler Sloan arrived after most of the mourners had already been seated, and a standing-room only crowd had formed. With his arrival unnoticed, he quietly observed his father, Mike, being escorted to his seat. He moved closer to locate a position where he could hold a clear view of the service. With his plainclothes security aide following close behind, Sloan walked past the numerous Nevada and Washington public officials sitting stiffly on folding chairs. As he proceeded, a synchronized nudging of elbows and whispers mounted in his direction.

“It’s Tyler Sloan.”

“That’s Tyler Sloan.”

“Tyler Sloan? Here? Why?”

The last statement had been louder than the others. Suddenly, the mass of cameras and photographers positioned atop a not-so-distant knoll shifted to fix on him. Photographs of former Governor Mike Sloan, the vice president, and various senators were “journalistic cool,” but those of Tyler Sloan were “tabloid heat.”

Sloan stood erect, squinting into the modest sunshine. His brown hair was full, tousled, and flecked with the faintest touch of distinguished gray. He had basked in celebrity for decades, from his early days of singing at high-school dances to sold-out arenas around the world. No longer merely a star with wall-mounted platinum albums, he was also a global financial mogul. He was pleased when last month’s People magazine had included him on the list of the “World’s Most Beautiful People,” but winced when the article described him as a “charming, middle-aged rogue.”


Thanks to Catherine from Fiery Seas Publishing for sending me an e-copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!

Have you read this book? What did you think of it?  Or do you intend to read it?

Cover Reveal – Scourge by Charley Pearson

Hello, everyone! How are you all doing?

Today I’m posting and participating in my very first cover reveal. Which I personally find very exciting. And to be honest it kind of makes me feel nervous. Are you ready?


My first opinion of this cover is that I really want to read that book. It looks kind of mysterious and it definitely goes with the genre: medical thriller.

And as I suppose that you want to know a little bit more about this new book. Here are some facts about Scourge.

Title: Scourge

Author: Charley Pearson

Genre: Medical Thriller

Publisher: Fiery Seas

Publication date: August, 14th 2018


Financially independent, biochemistry genius Stacy Romani grows up off the grid, while her Roma family takes advantage of her knowledge for their own gain.

Watching his family farm struggle, and traumatized by mass slaughter, Aatos Pires wants to heal animals but gets seduced by industry and goes to work for a big pharmaceutical company.

When Aatos’ co-worker Trinity creates a deadly doomsday virus, it puts the world population in jeopardy as it spreads exponentially. . .with no cure in sight.

Stacy and Aatos work alone to find a cure, as the CDC and FBI close in. Will they find a way to stop the plague or will it be the end of the world?

About the author:

Charley Pearson started in chemistry and biology, then moved on to bioengineering, so the Navy threw in some extra training and made him a nuclear engineer. This actually made sense when his major task turned out to be overseeing chemical and radiological environmental remediation at Navy facilities after the end of the Cold War, releasing them for unrestricted future use. Now he writes fiction.

You can find him on these different social media: Facebook ; Twitter ; Website

What do you think about the cover? Will you read the book when it comes out? Feel free to let me know in the comments below!